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A sustainable community that merges contemporary villas with nature’s tranquility. Our community is designed to provide you with an unparalleled living experience where nature meets luxury.

All homes in Octave have been sold out. Register your interest for our future community.


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About us

We are multi-disciplinary
Connected like an ecosystem

GoodEarth is a multi-disciplinary company that works across a vast spectrum of businesses, practices, and disciplines. Our array of ventures touches the grassroots of development, spanning agro-ecological farming, organic products, ecological intervention, water management, design and development of communities, interior design and landscaping, hospitality, sports, wellness, and more. At GoodEarth, we are committed to making a positive impact on the world by promoting sustainable living and combating climate change in every aspect of our lives.


We use an integrated approach that emphasizes a symbiotic relationship with the natural environment.

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Through careful understating of ecology, design, engineering and scientific package of practices we have rejuvenated lakes, revived degraded land and transformed land to its full potential.



Health of the soil determines our survival on the planet. Thus, through regenerative agriculture in different agro-climatic zones in the states of Karnataka and Kerala, we are geared towards rebuilding the soil.



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Experience sustainable living with nature's tranquility

Malhar Octave offers thoughtfully-designed villas with modern amenities and eco-friendly features, nestled in a serene location that provides easy access to essential conveniences. Our community blends urban amenities with sustainable living and aims to enrich your lifestyle, nurture your well-being, and foster a sense of belonging. Come home to a sustainable community that embraces contemporary living and nature's quietude.


Town Houses







Octave Master plan 

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 Home Types 

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Garden Courtyard Homes

Similar to the aangans found in traditional homes, these modern homes also have walled gardens that are open to the sky and are an extension of the built spaces of the house. The gardens are surrounded by verandahs and windows on two or three sides, including those on the floor above, which provide unobstructed views of the gardens.



Plan Homes

The Open plan homes are intelligently crafted spaces that seamlessly interconnect without requiring many walls, or any walls at all. This creates a sense of spaciousness in a plan that would otherwise be considered compact. From the entrance verandah, through the living and dining areas, and all the way to the rear verandah and garden, the spaces flow unhindered that blends the two spaces perfectly.

Corner Homes

True to their name, these homes are located on the corners of the layout. Compared to other homes, they offer greater privacy and have larger open spaces within the plot. These open spaces may take the form of an L-shaped yard, a spacious backyard, or an entrance court with a large backyard. Each home is designed to complement the characteristics and location of the site, resulting in unique and distinct homes.


Cluster Homes

There's nothing quite like the vast and unobstructed green views provided by the cluster homes. These homes are situated internally within the cluster and benefit from the beautiful cluster park that lies just beyond them. The homes are designed with expansive gardens that face the park, and the boundary between the gardens and park is a gentle foliage that blends the two spaces seamlessly.


Malhar Eco Village

Octave is part of GoodEarth Malhar, a 55 acre Eco-village located in Kengeri, Bangalore, a sustainable community of 500 families. Comprising 8 communities ranging from 5-12 acres, we have created a human-scale development that's easily manageable. With various housing options available, from cluster homes to apartments, we cater to different lifestyles and budgets. Each community is self-sufficient with its services and amenities, while shared facilities enhance community interaction and reduce dependence on the city.

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Families Living


Species of Plants

Confluence Sports Club

Experience the Best of Sports and Leisure

At the heart of Malhar’s sporting and leisure activities lies the Confluence Club, providing members access to a diverse range of indoor and outdoor games. The club offers top-notch facilities for sports and leisure, including a large playing-field, swimming pool, badminton/squash courts, well-equipped gym, cafe, and guest rooms. Membership at the sports club ensures a well-rounded way of life.

4 Indoor Badminton Courts

Fully-equipped gym

Swimming Pool

Serviced Apartments



A location for life

Malhar Octave community is situated in a serene location that offers the perfect space away from the hustles bustle of city life. Our location provides you with easy access to essential conveniences such as schools, hospitals, shopping centers, sports centres, cafe and more are easily accessible from our community.

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Adda, a small sculpted space, a one-stop place where you can enjoy an array of traditional breakfast – Idlis, puttu with kadala curry, aapam, poori & saagu, upma, and tea. Also fresh juices and an array of snacks.  Young and the elderly  alike meet to talk a plethora of topics from the day’s events, food, films, work  to politics. From casual chit chat to issues that matter thus adding character to  the space.



At the Petrichor store we bring organic produce direct from farmers to you. ​From grains, pulses, cereals, millets, spices, fresh fruits and vegetables, cooking oils grown and processed the natural way to eco-friendly cleaning agents, essential oils…Petrichor has it all. ​Choose natural food and boost your family’s health. Petrichor store is located inside GoodEarth Malhar.

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Rashtrotthana Vidya Kendra: 10 km

Gurukula Vidyapeetha: 7 km

Christ School, Kengeri Campus: 10 km

Dew Drops Academy: 11 km

Valiants Academy Campus: 11.1 km

Marigold International School: 10.5 km

BGS Public School: 10 km

National Hill View Public School: 12.4 km

Valley School: 15 km (20mins via Nice Road)

Kumarans School: 17 km

Udbhava School: 38 mins

Shibumi School: 55 mins

Candour5 Education Academy: 10 km

Bangalore Steiner School: 16.3 km

BGS International Residential School: 10 km

Tattva School: 5 km 

National Public School Kengeri: 7 km 

BGS International School: 10 km

Swaminarayan Gurukul: 6.7 km

Register Interest

Register your interest for our future community.


No.9,10 & 11, Tarana, GoodEarth Malhar,

Kambipura, Kengeri, Bangalore-560074


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